This started out as a blog covering our four months in Europe in 2009.  We then thought we’d just write about any travels we make, anywhere!


lavatar1Leah is a lawyer, still excited by the prospect of going to work (most days). However, travelling the world, and Europe in particular, has been a long-time dream. If she’d gotten her act together she would have gone after she graduated from uni, but instead had to postpone until after her graduate contract ran out (2 years). Initially the plan was to work whilst overseas, however, they both decided a four month trip, devoted solely to travelling, would be the better option. �� One of the big perks is that she’ll (hopefully!) have a job to come back to – nothing to be sneezed at in these uncertain times!


javatarJulian works as a pharmacist in Brisbane.  He tends to be pretty organised (as is Leah, although she hasn’t admitted it), but realises the impossibility of completely planning a 4-month trip and is looking forward to a bit of spontaneity.  He was last in Europe in 1989, at the very young age of five.  Apparently, according to his parents, he quickly grew weary of the many castles in France (see below).  Will things be different this time?  We will soon find out.

The are indeed many castles in Europe.

Julian, 1989: "There are many old castles and towns in France"

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