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Sep 282012

The US of A was never somewhere I thought of travelling to, it was always a ‘someday’ destination. But then the Australian dollar got to parity and it just seemed to make sense to take advantage of it while it lasted.
This is all a long introduction to the start of our latest adventure – a tour of parts of the East Coast – starting with 6 nights in the city that never sleeps.
This is our 5th night and we haven’t really stopped the entire time. Our feet are sore and every night we collapse into bed around midnight (late for us!) and sleep like the dead.
Every day there is something else to see, some new borough to visit and more food to try.

Here are some highlights so far…

A walking tour (self-guided) of Brooklyn

The Smorgasburgvfood festival in Williamsburg (the sweet smoked ribs were amazing!)

Broadway – The Lion King is spectacular and we’ve been unsuccessfully trying to win lottery tickets to Book of Morman.

Central Park – I’ve been for a run and we’ve walked through it but I wish we had more time to see more of it.

The Highline in Chelsea – this is a converted railway track taht is now a walkway and garden. New York is amazing in the way it creates public spaces that work with yet provide respite from the city. Nearby Chelsea markets were also great.

Fanciest dinner of our stay at Daniel on the Upper East Side – a shame we had to rush to get there on time!

More photos from NYC…here.

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