Apr 042009
Cycling along the Rotte, Rotterdam

Cycling along the Rotte, Rotterdam

We are now spending a few nights in Rotterdam with my great-aunt.  Some time to rest and eat a home cooked meal!  We again hired bikes and pedalled along the Rotte.  It was a warm (20 deg), sunny day and the recreational space was filled with cyclists, walkers (and dogs), fishers, canoeists and other boaters.


Wat mooi!

These kubuswoningen or ‘cube houses’ in Rotterdam were built in 1984 and consist of 38 square houses tilted at 45 degrees.   One of the houses is a ‘show-house’ so we were able to see inside at the interesting furnishings that are needed to fit the angled walls.

Kubuswoningen, Rotterdam.

Kubuswoningen, Rotterdam

  4 Responses to “Rotterdam”

  1. Hi there,
    I think that there should be a few more photos of you guys on here! Hope you’re enjoying yourselves.
    Love Sam(ara)

  2. We’re a bit camera shy! But there are a few more in the Keukenhof gallery. The hardest thing is getting photos together.
    We’re in Amsterdam now, it’s pretty cool, quite beautiful! We’ll be thinking about you on the 19th and I’ll try to give you a call – probably be about 5pmish your time.
    Love Leah (and Jules)

  3. So how do those houses work??? Isn’t the triangular base a waste of space? They’re amazing to see.

  4. @ Jess: Yes, there is a lot of wasted space! There are 3 levels in the cube, which sits upon a ‘tower’ base. So some of the triangular base is used up in the stair well, which comes up the tower. Much of the space, like at the corners is unusable. Some is used for storage but you definately can’t stand (or even sit) too close to the walls.

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