Apr 072009


Yesterday we left Rotterdam and the wonderful hospitality of Tante Margreet to head to Amsterdam, via the Keukenhof.

For the uninitiated, the Keukenhof translates to “kitchen garden” and it is the world’s largest flower garden.  It is probably most famous for it’s tulips, but there are plenty of other varieties as well.

We were probably about 2 weeks early, and only half the flowers were in bloom.  Fortunately, half is still an impressive number of flowers!  We had lots of fun taking various artistic photos, which you can view here.

We arrived in Amsterdam about 6pm yesterday, where we are staying at a lovely B&B, De Vries, near Leidseplein.

  3 Responses to “Keukenhof”

  1. I love the photo of you in the clogs Jules!

  2. Nice photos – of course you had to work one of paddington bear in didn’t you.

    We’re leaving on a jet plane tonight, starting to get a bit nervous that we haven’t organised everything… Ah well. On our stop over in Singapore, we’ll be buying what’s called the Miele Guide, which is essentially a Michelin-style guide, but for Asia. It’s sponsored by Miele, hence the name.

    We got onto this, because a restaurant we saw in a magazine that we thought it would be nice to go to (Iggy’s, http://www.iggys.com.sg) was voted “Best in Asia” recently by this guide, even topping Michelin starred restaurants in Hong Kong and Tokyo, so we thought it would be nice. Unfortuantely, we can’t dine at Iggy’s during our stay there, unless we go for dinner (which is S$200, so no thanks).

    We’ll have to send the guide to you when you’re on your way back!


  3. @ Lucy: Thanks!! Couldn’t quite walk in them…
    @ Dave: Have a good trip! Iggy’s looks fancy. That’s only AU$185!! At least you’re not doubling your dollars over there!

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